Scottish Rite Research Society

Member Benefits


The benefits of membership in the Scottish Rite Research Society are many.  Some are intangibles, such as the potential for interaction and discussions with the brightest minds in contemporary Masonic philosophy and debate.  The most important benefit is the availability of what we all came here for, which is more light in Masonry.  This is manifest most particularly in SRRS publications and Masonic conferences.

The tangible benefits of membership in the SRRS include:

  • access to some of the most thought-provoking ideas in contemporary Masonic research
  • a 10% discount on Society books and certain items bought at the House of the Temple or via the on-line Store
  • the annual hardback volume of Heredom®, the preeminent publication of scholarly Masonic research
  • the Society’s quarterly research journal, The Plumbline®
  • early notice for upcoming conferences and meetings on issues of Masonic importance
  • your SRRS membership card and lapel pin

SRRS Members may also receive:

  • special discounted offers on advanced sales throughout the year
  • a bonus book or other item