Scottish Rite Research Society

Spring 2018 Update

SRRS Update from Ill. William J. Mollere, 33°, SRRS President!

The Scottish Rite Research Society (SRRS) has established an amazing record of publishing some of the best books on Masonic history. We wanted to remind you of our program and bring you up to date on our current publications.

HEREDOMThis is our publication for lengthy, detailed Masonic research articles. If you have been a member or have joined during a year, you will receive the volume of Heredom for that year. It is always sent out early in the next year. Thus Heredom, vol. 25 for 2017, will be shipped in late spring 2018.

Cover of the Spring 2018 Plumbline

Cover of the Spring 2018 Plumbline

THE PLUMBLINEThis is our quarterly newsletter for shorter articles, book reviews, and current events. The issues are mailed with the seasons. If you join during the year, we will try to supply you with all issues for the year, if we have inventory on hand.

BONUS BOOKS—These volumes can be short or long, big or small, and can be a reprint of a classic volume or (occasionally) a completely new book. Like Heredom, if you have been a member or have joined during a year, you will receive the Bonus Book for that year. We always try to send out the bonus book in the next year (though we have been known to be late).

KEEP YOUR ADDRESS UPDATED—To receive your publications in a timely manner, keep your address updated in our database! The very easiest way is to go to and review your information or change your address yourself. You also can call Crystal Tolson, SRRS Administrator, at 202–232–3579 and ask her to make the change.

Here is a brief summary of current and recent SRRS publications, both Heredomand bonus books:

2017  Heredom 25—scheduled to ship in late spring 2018
 Magnum Opus—bonus, scheduled to ship in mid-/late-2018
2016  Heredom 24—shipped
 The Plumbline (reprints)—bonus, scheduled to ship in mid-2018
2015  Heredom 23—shipped
 Reprints of Old Rituals—bonus, shipped
2014  Heredom 22—shipped
 Pillars of Wisdom—bonus, shipped

We hope you are pleased with your SRRS membership and our amazing publications. If you have any questions about your membership, please email

Sincerely and fraternally,

William J. Mollere, 33°
SRRS President

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